1.1 The website www.emerson.gr and the online store (e-shop) belongs to the general partnership under the name «EMMANOUIL ANARGYROU AND CO» which owns the trademark EMERSON and is located in Galatsi Attica, 28 Panos Street, P.O Box  11146, with VAT number: 099821233, number of registry in the Greek General Chamber of Companies: 3767301000, contact telephone number:  +30 210 7105557  and Email: eshop@emerson.gr  

By placing your order, we consider that you have read, understood and agreed expressly and unconditionally with the terms and conditions of operation of our online store, which are described below. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, please contact us before proceeding with your order. 


1.2 The online store www.emerson.gr is available for orders in Greece and abroad, and its contracts are in both Greek and English. By choosing a language, you declare at the same time that you understand it. 


1.3 The use of the e-shop by minors or persons lacking legal capacity is prohibited. By logging in, you declare that you are an adult and that you have legal capacity, you further commit that you will not allow the use of your data and your password by minors or persons without legal capacity.  In case that such use of your information and password occurs, EMERSON shall not be liable. For this reason, please observe the basic security rules of internet transactions.


1.4 As a visitor-user of the site, you have access to most areas of the site without registering. However, there are areas of the site which are only accessible by registering. Please note that we may amend all or part of these terms of use from time to time without notice to you. You should therefore check the terms frequently so that you are aware at the relevant time of your   existing rights and obligations. Remaining and using our website after any changes, previously published in the Terms of Use, constitutes binding acceptance of the updated Terms of Use. Any such modification or change shall not apply and shall not affect orders already placed for execution. If for any reason the Terms of Use are no longer acceptable to you, you must immediately stop using the website: www.emerson.gr


EMERSON reserves the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue, in its sole discretion, part or all of its services, without any notice. 

By using this site and its services, you agree to receive emails related to the use of the Services. 

Any complaints, comments, suggestions, you wish to submit to us, please contact us at our Customer Service Department, as detailed in the «Contact us» section.




2.1 For access to certain services, EMERSON requests user data in order to create a username and password. The user must ensure that the above data provided is true, valid, complete and in accordance with the terms of use of   EMERSON.

We recommend that you create a personal «MY ACCOUNT» account in the e-shop, as registered users have the following benefits:

  • Faster and easier order placement.
  • Storage of their favorite products to the Wishlist.
  • Ability to store the shipping address in the address book for faster payment process.
  • Access to information about orders and their history. 
  • Ability for better service before, during and after your purchases.


2.2 Users are responsible for all operations carried out with the password and are obliged to immediately notify EMERSON for any unauthorized use of it and for any (even possible) security breach.

These data are not disclosed by EMERSON to third parties, except for the cases described in the «Private Policy» section. EMERSON shall not be liable for any damage or loss arising from the unauthorized or illegal use of the password by third parties, due to its leakage or for any other reason, and reserves the right to request the payment of compensation from the User in case he/she suffers any kind of damage from the unauthorized or illegal use of the password. EMERSON shall be entitled -at any time- to refuse to issue a password, or to cancel a password already provided, or to terminate the provision of these services to the User and to refuse any current or future use of its Website, in case of violation of any of the Terms of Use.

2.3 You can update-modify your account details at any time. Log in to «MY ACCOUNT» and choose the «Edit» field. You can modify your personal account details and then save your changes. 

If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot your password” link. Enter the e-mail address you registered with, and you will receive an e-mail with your new password. 




Your subscription to the Newsletter Service at EMERSON, is not a mandatory procedure for making a purchase from the online shop. However, those who create an account in our Online Store and become «Members», will be able, if they wish, to receive our newsletters and promotional material at the email address they provide us with during the account creating process. 

Registration to the Newsletter Service on the website www.emerson.gr is also possible for Non-Members and is completed by entering your email address in the corresponding field. At the same time, upon completion of your subscription to the Newsletter, you give your explicit consent to EMERSON to send you informative and promotional material about its products and services, promotions, offers, discounts, but also about interesting topics related to EMERSON, as well as related advertising messages. 

Although EMERSON makes every possible effort with ESP’s (Email Service providers), is in no case responsible if the Newsletters are not delivered to their destination. There is a possibility that Newsletters may end up in the Spam Folder, so please check regularly that they are not stored there. 

In case you no longer wish to receive informative Newsletters or wish to unsubscribe from the EMERSON news delivery system altogether, you can inform us using the contact form of the Website or via the corresponding link that appears in the informative emails you receive, by selecting «unsubscribe» at the end of any sent informative Newsletter.





4.1 EMERSON cannot guarantee the availability of the displayed products. However, it is committed to informing its users in a timely manner.

4.2 The products sold through the website www.emerson.gr are intended exclusively for purchase and personal use. No resale of our products by customers of our online store is allowed.

4.3 EMERSON makes every effort to present the products on its website in the most accurate way possible. However, in some cases there may be color deviations or errors. Color deviations from the actual product are unavoidable due to differences in the display mean or the user’s screen.

4.4 We reserve the right to correct any errors, or change the website at any time, without prior notice. 





EMERSON reserves the right to be advertised on various websites of its choice on the Internet and to use partners or advertising companies, as appropriate. When displaying these advertisements, cookies are used, but without using personal data that identify the Users personally. For more details you can refer to the Cookies and Cookies Policy here.  





Ordinary users and Members of the website www.emerson.gr can follow «EMERSON», through its websites on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok («Social Media»), in order to learn news of the company, promotions, offers, as well as to interact with each other, comment and participate in special promotions and competitions provided that their behavior is decent and their comments are not racist, abusive, malicious, insulting to other customers and the company etc. In this case these comments will be deleted. Any products or services we offer from our Social Media accounts, as well as all information communicated, submitted or offered through these accounts, will be subject to these General Terms and Conditions. 

In addition, any interactions you may have through social media may allow access and login to your respective personal accounts. EMERSON has no access to or control over these services and is therefore not responsible for the acts and/or omissions of the social media service providers. 





A. The prices of the products displayed on the website include VAT.

B. The various product offers are valid until stocks are exhausted and in some cases until the end of the offer period. 

C. We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice. Price changes do not affect orders already registered. 





8.1 Purchases through the EMERSON e-shop, constitute a distance selling contract, regulated by the legislative framework of Greek Law 2251/1994, in conjunction with the number Ζ1/891/13-08-2013 Ministerial Decision (Β’ no 2144/30.08.2013) on the «Adaptation of Greek legislation to directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011» and the provisions of Civil Code, as applicable at any time given.

How to order: After you have selected and viewed in detail the products you are interested in, you add them to the basket, then to view and complete your order, place the cursor on the top right of the basket icon until a small preview of your order appears and click on the VIEW THE BASKET arrow or simply click on the basket icon (top right of the screen).

You can complete your order in the following ways:


Α) If you have an account, simply by entering your email and password. 

Β) By creating an account in our e-shop by providing your email address and other necessary information. 

C) As a visitor by filling in the necessary fields requested for the processing and delivery of your order. 


To proceed to the next step, press the button that appears CHECKOUT/COMPLETE ORDER and then:


  • Fill in the shipping and billing information, as requested. To proceed to the next step, press the button that appears: CHECKOUT/COMPLETE ORDER
  • Choose the payment method you wish to use by clicking on the white box that appears next to each payment method, accept the terms of use and complete your order.
  • Upon successful completion you will see a message on your screen, which will give you the code of order and will also inform you of the email address, where the preview of the order you have just placed will be sent to you. 


If you experience any problem with your order, please contact us as follows:


  • By phone at +30 210 7105557 (Monday to Friday 09:30 – 18:00)
  • via e-mail to: eshop@emerson.gr 


8.2 Upon completion of your order, you will immediately receive an automated e-mail for its registration. On the first working day after the registration of an order, the e-shop’s service department confirms the availability of the ordered products.

Although EMERSON makes every possible effort to have at all times an accurate indication of the availability of the products displayed, it cannot guarantee that there will be no cases where by mistake or technical failure, the information of availability will not be correct. However, it is committed to informing users as soon as possible of the availability of products and to providing them with the best possible service. The confirmation of the order and the preparation is done during working days and hours, Monday to Friday, 9:30 έως 18:00.

In the rare case that, even though our system, when placing your order, showed that there is a stock of the specific product, but when collecting it from our warehouse, it was found that there was no availability, we are obliged either to remove the product that is in shortage from your order or to cancel it entirely, if your order includes only the product that is in shortage and without any charge to you. 

If you have completed your order, you cannot add another product. So, in case you wish to change or add a product, you must contact us by phone, in order to fill in the new product you want to add. 


8.3 In case you order is not confirmed in full or not at all, due to lack of stock, we will send you an e-mail to inform you. In addition, for your own better and immediate information, one of our partners from the service department of the e-shop will contact you by phone. For more detailsyou can refer to Policy Returns section.


8.4 Tracking and Receipt of your Order

As mentioned above, shopping through EMERSON΄s e-shop is a distance selling contract, subject to the provisions of Greek Law 2251/1994, in conjunction with the number Ζ1/891/13-08-2013 Ministerial Decision (Β’ no 2144/30.08.2013), as well as the Civil Code, so you can order through the online ordering process.

For the delivery of your orders, EMERSON cooperates with ACS Courier for orders in Greece and Cyprus and TNT for all other countries. More information can be found at section «Shipping Policy».

In case the purchase was made via credit/debit/prepaid card and in order to ensure the holder of the card, the delivery of the products is made only to the buyer, who must receive the order in person, showing his/her identity card or passport.  

The receipt of the order can be carried out by a third person, if authorized in writing by you (the buyer). Even in the case of written authorization, the authorized person will have to show the above documents (id or passport), in order to complete the delivery of the order of the products made by credit card. 

In the case of gifts, the details of the receipt of orders are specified by the customer who places the order in the online store: www.emerson.gr

In case of cash on delivery, at the time of delivery, you will need to have the exact amount in cash to pay for your order. 


8.5 Delivery times 

For shipments in Greece and Cyprus, upon completion of your order you will receive an e-mail with confirmation. Once the preparation of your order is completed and invoiced, it passes to the stage of shipping the products, at which point you will receive a relevant link (from ACS courier) to track its progress. The estimated delivery time is two to three (2-3) working days for deliveries in Greece and five to seven (5-7) working days for deliveries in Cyprus. However, the delivery of the products may be delayed in special cases, such as but not limited to hard-to-reach areas, periods of increased distance selling activity (e.g. Black Friday, Christmas, sales period), force majeure etc. 

For shipments abroad (except for Cyprus) the consumer has the possibility to trach his/hers order through the tracking number, which is provided with a relevant e-mail after the completion of the order. The delivery time of your order for countries of the European Union, other countries of Europe and countries of the rest of the world is determined at 6-14 working days, after being accepted by «EMERSON»

If for any reason, such as force majeure, transport problems etc, there is a delay, the courier company will contact you.

In case the delivery is delayed more than the expected time, you should contact us by email at eshop@emerson.gr or by phone +30 210 7105557 (Monday to Friday, 09:30 – 18:00) and we will solve the problem. 

Your purchase is completed with the delivery of the products. The final tax document, retail receipt or invoice, will be given to you upon receipt. 





Using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Electron, American Express. (Credit, debit or prepaid)

The transaction for the approval of the payment is carried out with the partner bank Eurobank, which ensures the security of the transaction with the most modern and certified encryption systems. The charge to your card is made upon successful completion of your order to «EMERSON».  In our online store  www.emerson.gr, no card or transaction details are stored at all, only the reference to the transaction that took place.


Cash on delivery for orders in Greece. Cash on delivery is not available for orders outside Greece.  

Via PayPal

By Bank Deposit to the following accounts: 



IBANGR86 0172 1470 0051 4710 1430 307




IBAN: GR19 0140 1580 1580 0232 0003 314










10.1 «EMERSON» does not have access to your banking data and does not store any information related to your bank or your credit, debit or prepaid card.

10.2 «EMERSON» shall not be liable for any damages or losses (direct or indirect) suffered by the cardholder, whose card is used illegally in an unauthorized way.

10.3 «EMERSON» shall not be liable for any damage caused to your computer equipment by viruses, worms, spyware, or other similar programs during your connection to our website. Please make sure that your anti-virusfirewalls, and other computer protection programs are up to date.





Regardless of the payment method, you can choose to issue a retail receipt or an invoice. An invoice is issued to companies and freelancers, provided they fill in the following information, when placing their order: company name, VAT number, tax office, full address (including postal code), telephone number and profession. Please check the correctness of your receipt or invoice issue details, before completing your order. 





The primary goal of «EMERSON» is for all our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases in our online store. In any case, however, if for any reason you are not content with your purchase, you have the possibility to withdraw and return our products, under the conditions detailed in the section «Return Policy».





Α. Copyright


Except for specific rights of third parties, (copyright and other rights), all content contained in the websites (indicatively: trademarks, distinctive features, photographs, texts, and all files in general), constitutes intellectual and industrial property of EMERSON and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, Community and International Law.

This content may not be traded, copied, modified, reproduced, transmitted, or distributed in whole or in part by any user. 

Each user is entitled to store individually a single copy of a part of the content of the web pages for strictly personal use and without deleting the indications of its origin. 

The products and/or services of third parties than may appear on the pages of the websites are the intellectual and industrial property of the third parties, who are responsible for the content and the services and/or products. 


Β. Obligations of users


Users accept and agree that they will make lawful use of the EMERSON website, subject, among other things, to the legislation concerning the transfer of data from Greece to Member States of the European Union and third countries. Therefore, users indicatively and not restrictively agree that they will not use the website to:


  • Cause harm to a minor.
  • Transfer or access the content of the EMERSON website with the ultimate purpose of misleading anyone as to the origin of the website, damage in any way the reputation of EMERSON or third parties, compromise the security of the EMERSON network, prevent any user from accessing the website, or circumvent the authentication of their identity by EMERSON.
  • Violate any third-party rights (e.g., intellectual, and industrial property rights).
  • Insult the personality of others (e.g., slanderous, racist).
  • Harass in any way the privacy and individual and social rights of third parties.
  • Install and promote, in any way, any kind of unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or unsolicited emails (spam), chain letters, pyramid schemes and any other form of unsolicited content promotion, as well as install and promote advertisements, without the written consent of EMERSON.
  • Install, promote and/or make available content containing digital viruses or any other electronic code, files or programs designed to interfere with, destroy or limit the functionality of any software or telecommunications equipment, or to prevent other users from using the websites. 
  • Disclose their own or third parties΄s information containing personal data of users or third parties either in real time chats (chatsmessage boards), or when using any service of the website that allows more than two users to communicate. 
  • In general, behave in a manner contrary to the law and to good faith and fair dealing.

In any case of illegal or contrary to these Terms use, users are obliged to compensate EMERSON for any actual loss and loss of profit.  The non-exercise by EMERSON of its rights under these Terms and Conditions does not imply a waiver of them.


C. What information we collect and how we use it


By registering to create an account, place an order, or send a request, we collect certain personal information from you, for example your name, postal address, telephone numbers, email address etc. 

We use this information to identify you as a customer, to process your order, to deliver products to you, to manage payments, to update your profile information in our records and your account. More specifically, to send you information by mail, email, mobile phone messages, or through any other electronic means, including social media, for information about our products, events, promotions and services. We may also use this information to customize how we communicate with you, so that we address you more personally. 

We may also occasionally ask you for other information, such as your size, your preferences in a product category, your age, or any special dates, such as your birthday, your name day, which will be used to enhance our services to you. 

In addition, we may collect statistical information about website traffic, sales and other usage related information that we may provide to third parties on a case-by-case basis and for specific purposes. These statistics do not include any information that may personally identify you. 

We may also use your personal information for internal marketing and demographic studies, along with non-personal data for consumer profile analysis and tracking, so that we can continually improve our products and services and understand what may be of interest to you and our other customers. 

We continually strive to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Authority and any applicable laws and regulations to ensure that your personal information is kept secure and processed in accordance with fair and lawful procedures. Your personal information is maintained and controlled by EMERSON, 28 Panos Street, Galatsi Attica, P.O Box 11146, which acts as the controller of the data for the purposes for which is kept. Please call EMERSON, for any information regarding your personal data at +30 210 7105557.

The disclosure of personal data by users of the website and the EMERSON Eshop in the above manner constitutes acceptance of these terms of use. The user of the website is not obliged to provide his/her personal data. In case that the user does not consent to use of his/her personal data as described above, he/she shall not fill in the relevant fields, an action which may possibly prevent him/her from accessing the requested service. (See remarks under «personal data protection»).


D. User rights


We keep your personal information as long as you remain an active customer. At any time, you have the right to request and receive the following information:

a) all personal data concerning you,

b) the purposes of the processing and any recipients,

c) the correction, updating or deletion of the data held in the file, as well as the right to object at any time to the data concerning you.

Thus, you can modify or update your personal information, if you log in to the «MY ACCOUNT» website. If you wish to request the deletion of your personal data or the discontinuation of communication for promotional reasons, you can send an email to eshop@emerson.gr, or contact by phone +30 210 7105557, (Monday to Friday 09:30-18:00).


Ε. What are Cookies and how they are used


EMERSON uses cookies to identify the user. Cookies are small text files, which are stored on the hard disk of each user, do not take note of any document or file from his/her computer and are used only to facilitate the users access to specific services and for statistical purposes, in order to determine the areas in which the services of the websites are useful or popular, or for marketing purposes. The user can configure his/her server not to receive Cookies, either in total, or on a case-by-case basis. In such a case, the user cannot access these services any further. 

Cookies are small pieces of information that are issued to your computer when you visit a website or online store and sometimes record information about your use of the website. When you enter our website the web server sends a Cookie to your computer, which allows us to recognize it. By associating the identification numbers in the Cookies with other information about you, for example when you log-in to the website, we know that the Cookies information is about you.

We use cookies to enhance the experience and quality of our website services. This use includes tracking the contents of your shopping cart, remembering you when you return to our website, tracking how you browse the internet, including what you choose, and also which website you were directed to ours from.

If you continue to use our website, we consider that you content to our cookies settings and agree that you understand our cookies policy, which explains how you can manage your cookie choices and preferences. You should be aware that restricting the use of cookies will affect your user experience and may prevent you from using parts of our website. 


F. Other Persons That May Use Your Information 


Where applicable, we may share your information with affiliated companies including other EMERSON group companies, franchisees, licensees and selected service providers, who perform functions on our behalf and carry out advertising services or data management. We may also share your information with other companies that help promote EMERSON΄s products and services in order to provide you with improved customer service. In any casewe will only provide these companies with the information they need to perform their services and will not permit the use of this information for other purposes. 

The use of the information will be in accordance with the applicable legislation. You should also be aware and agree that in some cases we may disclose personal information about you to third parties because the requirements of law impose it, comply with any legal process, for the purposes of credit risk reduction, fraud prevention and detection, or to protect the rights and property of EMERSON


G. Confidentiality


EMERSON does not make available or otherwise transmit or disclose personal data of visitors/users of its website to third parties without their consent, except for the above-mentioned recipients and within the above framework, with the exception of the application of relevant legal requirements and only to the competent authorities. 

In particular, the personal data kept may be disclosed to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities, upon their legitimate request and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. In addition, in case of a legal order by the Public Prosecutor or other authority, or the conduct of a regular investigation or preliminary examination, EMERSON shall be obliged to provide access to the relevant data and make it available to the requesting authority.


Η. Changes To the Privacy Statement


We may renew the Privacy Notice from time to time. In each case, the amended Privacy Statement will be posted on our website. 


I. Security Declaration


As we all know, the transmission of information over the internet is not completely safe. Although we do our best to protect your personal data, we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of what is submitted to us and consequently any transmission is at your own risk.

However, we use strict procedures and security features to prevent unauthorized access where possible. 

The website and its applications use this encryption technology to protect your information during data transfer. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology encrypts order information such as your name, address, and credit card number. 

By subscribing on the website, the user consents to his/her personal data being used by EMERSON as the company responsible for processing them through automated means, either by itself or through any other person appointed by EMERSON to carry out the processing on its behalf, as follows:


1.Declaration of Consent (Prospective client – Subject of rights) to the company E. ANARGYROU AND CO-EMERSON (Data controller) for ordering products of the company through its e-shop:

The company under the name «EMMANOUIL ANARGYROY AND CO», which owns the trademark 
EMERSON and is located in Galatsi Attica, 28 Panos Street, P.O Box 11146, phone number +30  210 7105557 and email address eshop@emerson.gr, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation  679/2016 ΕU (GDPR), as it will be in force each time, asks for your explicit consent and permission to receive and use your e-mail, full name, address, and telephone number (mobile or landline), as well as your profession, VAT number and Tax Office (in case of issuing invoices), by clicking on the box below, if you wish to place an order and purchase products through our company’s e shop. These data are absolutely necessary for the processing of your order and the safe delivery, via courier, of the product you order.


These data that you transmit to us are absolutely necessary and will be used only to fulfill the purpose of completing your order, namely the purchase of the company΄s products through e-shop and their safe delivery by courier, therefore they will be transmitted safely to any third party necessary for the fulfillment of the contract, as well as to the courier company that will carry out the shipment. They will be stored electronically and securely in our company for five (5) years from your last transaction and if you have an account, for as long as you keep it and have not requested its deletion, they will not be transmitted to third parties (except for the courier company and any other party necessary for the fulfilment of the contract for the sale of products through e shop) without your express consent and will be deleted whenever you request it. We also inform you that you may at any time request the rectification, restriction or complete deletion of your data with a simple request to our email address: eshop@emerson.gr, and that you have the right to submit a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority (www.dpa.gr), if you find out that your data is processed in a manner contrary to the provisions of GDPR.


This consent is valid only if you are over 18 years old. If you are under 18, we need the consent of your parents or guardians. Further, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by sending an email to eshop@emerson.gr.


2. Declaration of Consent (Prospective client – Subject of rights) to the company E. ANARGYROU AND CO-EMERSON for sending newsletter: for the products and services of our company 

The company under the name «EMMANOUIL ANARGYROY AND CO», which owns the trademark 
EMERSON and is located in Galatsi Attica, 28 Panos Street, P.O Box 11146, phone number +30  210 7105557 and email address eshop@emerson.gr, in its capacity as the controller of the processing of personal data of its customers, always in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation   679/2016 ΕU (GDPR), as it will be in force each time, asks for your explicit consent and permission to receive and use your e-mail and full name, by clicking on the box below, if you wish to receive newsletters, i.e. updates (electronic) for the release of new products and offers of the company E.ANARGYROU AND CO,  as well as information and updates for events around its products. Your email will be used only for the fulfilment of the above information, will be stored safely in the electronic archives of the company, will not be transmitted to third parties without your explicit consent and will be deleted permanently and safely, whenever you ask us with a simple request at eshop@emerson.gr.   We also inform you that you may at any time request the rectification, restriction, or complete deletion of your data with a simple request to our email address eshop@emerson.gr, and that you have the right to submit a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority (www.dpa.gr), if you find out that your data is processed in a manner contrary to the provisions of GDPR.


This consent is valid only if you are over 18 years old. If you are under 18, we need the consent of your parents or guardians. Further, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by sending an email to eshop@emerson.gr.


EMERSON is not liable for any damage or loss resulting from your inability to respect and follow the above terms of use. 


These terms and conditions of use, as well as any modification thereof, are governed by the Greek Law. For any dispute that may arise from this contract, the courts of Athens shall have jurisdiction.